Showcase photos, videos, articles, and more with a custom Pulse gallery.  

Add and arrange images and videos in a responsive, masonry-style gallery.  Include titles, subtitles, buttons, and thumbnails.  Pull images from the web, or from your computer. And display any public video from YouTube or Vimeo. Built-in share buttons let visitors repost on social media, to grow your following and brand.

Getting Started

Create and save your gallery on  You will need to create a free POWr account.

Then copy and paste your unique code into an HTML element anywhere in your Pulse site.  Once you add the gallery to your site, you can edit it on, or on your live website.

This is a free, cloud-based plugin provided by POWr. There is nothing to download. You will be prompted to create a POWr account in order to save and edit your plugins.