Pulse CMS Stack for RW

Pulse CMS Stack for RW

Pulse CMS Stack lets you integrate Pulse CMS 4.x into RapidWeaver


Use stunning RW themes in compination with the power of Pulse CMS.


It is possible to integrate:

  • A full featured blog
  • Blocks (include texts from WYSIWYG or Markdown editor, including drag and drop image support)
  • Contact forms
  • Photo galleries and sliders
  • Single images
  • Newsletter Sign-Up Form
  • eCommerce Buttons
  • Document Downloads
  • Text Localization


In addition, a special integration with Gallery Stack 3 is available:

  • Even more awesome photo galleries and slideshows
  • Photo galleries inside blog posts



  • RapidWeaver 6 or RapidWeaver 7
  • Stacks Plugin 3.1
  • PHP
  • A licensed and working Pulse CMS 4.x, installed in a subfolder of your server root
  • For local preview a locally installed Pulse CMS with MAMP server


Pulse CMS Stacks are free for Pulse Cloud members.